Callie Opies’ Orchard – Celebration of American Music 2023

Celebrate “Independence Day Eve” with Lake Anna Jazz!

Only $10 per ticket for a memorable evening of this uniquely American art form.

6:00 p.m.

Vocalist Tina Hashemi sings with her combo until the twilight’s last gleaming.

Tina Hashemi comes to us from just west of here, the home of Thomas Jefferson, Charlottesville, Virginia.  Her seemingly effortless, ethereal style of singing has made her a favorite of the Lake Anna Jazz audience.  Tonight she interprets classic popular songs from the mid-20th Century that are known, collectively, among musicians as “The Great American Songbook.”  She is supported by some of the region’s finest instrumentalists: Lucy Kilpatrick (piano) from Richmond, Paul Langosch (bass) from the DC area, and Robert Jospé (drums) from Charlottesville.

7:30 p.m.

Mind the music and the step.

Join your fellow patriots for a half-hour lesson.
Learn the basics from Michael Scott of Strictly Ballroom Dance Studio.
Unleash your new skills when the band starts playing.
Stick around for more tips from Michael as the evening unfolds.

8:00 p.m.

Enjoy the big bang fireworks of The Fredericksburg Big Band.

From just up the road in Fredericksburg, Virginia, comes the tightest, hippest big band around.  Swing and sway the American Way to the powerful, joyous sound of The Fredericksburg Big Band.  Their music is as suited for dancing as it is for listening.  The organization has been pleasing audiences since 1966, and makes its second appearance at Callie Opie’s stage, in front of the spacious dance floor.  Bring your dance partner or meet someone new.

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