Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Co. – Mid-Winter 2024

Take a break from hibernation…

Wake up to Sensation and Libation!

Celebrate Mardi Gras and Mid-Winter at

Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company

Mid-Winter Fun Fête

Saturday, February 17, 2024

6:00 – 9:30 p.m.

Be There or Be Square

The price per individual ticket is $70 and includes all of the following:

  • free parking and access to the beautiful, toasty warm, tasting room of Everleigh Vineyards
  • a complementary aperitif
  • passed-around Mardi Gras-inspired hors d’hoeuvres
  • performance by Kari Novilla on harp before and during dinner
  • presentation of collectible Carnival masks from Venice, Italy and silent auction
  • New Orleans-inspired buffet dinner by Out of The Box Catering
  • Introductory ballroom dance class conducted by Michael Scott
  • Music for dancing by Ginny Carr Goldberg & The Lake Anna Jazz Quintet

A Festive Fundraising Event for Lake Anna Jazz

Everleigh Vineyards has graciously opened its doors and promised to keep the electricity on for a fun-filled event in the spirit of Mardi Gras and Mid-Winter celebration.  Proceeds from tickets sales, after costs, go to the 501(c)(3) organization “Lake Anna Jazz” to assist in its efforts to bring quality performers, underwrite education, and encourage the appreciation of Jazz in its many forms and styles. Tickets cover everything except the booze. (That’s on you.)

Masks for CARNIVAL, not for COVID!

Carnival (“Carnevale”) and Mardi Gras are celebrated around the world with elaborate masks, costumes, and beads.  Tonight, make your bid in the silent auction for one of several authentic hand-made masks, from the world-famous artisans at “La Bottega dei Mascareri” in Venice, Italy, provider of masks for festivals, artistic productions, productions on stage and screen, including Stanley Kubrick’s motion picture, “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Internationally Acclaimed Harpist, Kari Novilla!

Kari holds a Master of Music in harp performance from the Royal Academy of Music in London, England.  She collaborates with composers frequently, having premiered seven new works in 2022 alone, remaining in demand as a solo harpist on multiple recording sessions, albums, and movie soundtracks both in America and in Europe.  While Ms. Novilla is on tour in Virginia, we’re thrilled to have her perform for us during the evening’s reception and dinner.

Dance Lessons from Michael Scott!

You’ll conquer the dance floor with Michael Scott, the fantastic ballroom dance coach from Strictly Ballroom.  This will be much more fun than middle school! The class is divided into leaders and followers, so you don’t need to bring a dance partner, because you’ll be rotating and dancing with everyone!  Once you’re full of rhythm, show off your new moves when the band begins at 8:00, and during the break, pick up more tips from Mr. Scott.

N’Awlins-Style Buffet Dinner

Your dinner will be imagined, prepared, and served by Lake Anna’s local go-to personal chef and caterer, Tammy Boxley, of “Out of The Box Catering, LLC.”  She and her team bring the taste and spirit of New Orleans to the buffet table for our spicy mid-winter night. Her menu selections evoke the delightful aromas and tastes around Bourbon Street.  All meals served with delicious, locally sourced Louisa County water.  Oh, yeah…save room for dessert!  

Romantic Music for Dancin’ or Relaxin’

Ginny Carr Goldberg has been leading bands, producing albums, arranging songs, managing musicians, conducting master classes, and entertaining audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Recently, she relocated her entire music operation to Lake Anna.  Tonight, she leads an ensemble of seasoned players as they conspire to entertain you, move you onto the dance floor, or at least into each other’s arms. Enjoy tonight’s performance of the Lake Anna Jazz Quintet.

Dress Code is “Country Club Casual”

This is a limited capacity event, so get your tickets ASAP, using the form below.

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